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As a member, you and your organization support the work of the Gambia Media Support on media development in the Gambia. You also get the opportunity to follow our work closely at the website and newsletter.

We value all members – passive as well as active!

Why join? 

Gambia Media Support must have at least 50 members to apply for support from our most important contributor to the project activities in the Gambia. This important contributor is CISU – Civil Society in Development (formerly the Project Advisory), which, on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Danida, manages a project pool for smaller Danish civil society organizations.

A large number of members also means that we have an interested crowd to share our experiences, experiences and challenges with, and that signals support for our work.

Gambia Media Support also needs members to actively engage in the organization’s work, either as a one-off deal, on special missions, or on a regular basis.

either as a one-off deal, on special missions, or on a regular basis.

What does a membership cost?

  • Personal membership: DKK 150 a year
  • Groups and organizations: DKK 500 a year

How do I become a member?

Send an email with name and address to:

Direct transfer

You can choose to transfer the money directly and thus be registered as a member. Remember to write your e-mail address in “Recipient Comments”.

From Denmark:
Bank: Mercur Bank
Address: Sct. Clemens Torv 17, 1. Århus C
Reg. no .: 8401
Account no .: 1071580

Thank you for your support.

Become a member today

By becoming a member, you or your organization will support Gambia Media Support’s work with promoting media development in Gambia. We appreciate all the members – those who are passive and those who are active.

Simply send an e-mail with your name and address to Birgitte Knudsen:
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