GAMES board


Lars Møller, Chairman

Lars Møller (1957) is a freelance journalist, trainer and media consultant. He has worked with media development in several countries worldwide.


Jesper Heldgaard
Jesper Heldgaard (1956) is a freelance journalist er freelance journalist, specialized in development, globalization, climate change and trade.


Marie-Louise Arnfast
Board member
Marie-Louise Arnfast (1955) is the owner of Kontekst Kommunikation and has worked with communication in organisations and the private sector for decades.


Marianne Frederiksen
Board member
Marianne Frederiksen has a background in journalism, anthropology and African studies. She has worked with international development, leadership and organisational development in several African countries and in Denmark. She is presently director of ’Kvindehuset’ i Aarhus, a centre for women of ethnical minorities.


Peter Halkjær
Board member
Peter Halkjær is a master of political science from Aarhus University and has worked with civil society organisations including Viva Denmark. Prior to joining the board, Peter worked for GAMES as student assistant.


Troels Nørlem

Troels Nørlem is a freelance journalist and photographer. He has worked for Berlingske Media and for Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke.


Per Roholt

Per Roholt (1961) is communication manager for EG. Previously, he worked for DR and B.T. He was also active in Dansk Journalistforbund  for several years.